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    About Us
      Jiaxing Datong Import & Export Co.,Ltd. deals with machine’s producing and developing since 1958.From 1985 we are the specialized company in developing and producing all kinds of bottle jack,shop crane,jack stands and the liquid pressed to rise the tool.Nowerdays,it has the annual paoduction ability of 2.0 million preces of hydraulic bottle jacks,and has become one of the biffest manufacturer in its field in Zhejiang Province.Located at the central of Shanghai Economic Zone,and at the exits of Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Express way and Zhapu-Jiaxiang-Suzhou Expressway nearby,it enjoys convenitent transportation.
    the factory covers an area of 25000sqm,having the building space of 15000sqm,more than 300 employees and fixed assets of over 30 million yuan. With long and rich experience in jack making,it is quite stong in technology,advanced in technique and perfect in testing skills.It can design and make variousnon-stand jacks,or provide some special products according to the drawing or samples sent by custo-mers.
    Sticking to the principle of "obtaining a brand new look and creating classic products",it constantly makes efforts in development and innovation,and turns out a lot of top qualify products with the help of its excellent equipment and scientific menagement,which has won much praise from customers.It passed the ISO9001:2000 Quantity managment system’s certificate in 2002 years.Its products have got American ANSI/RAB,the certificate of german GS and also the CE certificate issued by European Community.While begin sold basically at home,its products also have a good mark in more than 10 countries and regions,such as USA, Canada,Japan and the Middle East.People appreciate its produces for their reliable quality and better service.Sincerely welcome customers to our factory for investigation or negotiation.
    We Looking forward to your visit!

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